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We are currently collecting high quality articles for our web page. If you are a website developer or web designer or from any technological background, or even if you are a technological writer, you can post your content to our web page.

For the content you post, we will post a short “Author Bio” at the end of the content. On that area, you can present yourself as the author of the post. In your writer bio, you can add hyperlinks of your Website, Facebook or myspace information, Tweets information, Google+ information & LinkedIn information. However, please note, your hyperlinks will be appear as ‘No-Follow’ hyperlinks.

We have updated our guidelines. Here, we are presenting the ‘No-Follow’ feature to the author’s web page hyperlinks. This will help to remove us the spam content submission. We are only looking for those writers who are enthusiastic about composing and wish to discuss his/her information with our visitors. If you are an authentic author and composing high top quality material then you will absolutely get the preferred marketing with or without No-Follow hyperlinks. But this will definitely prevent those who are concerned with only content marketing to getting a back-link. We are sure this will definitely improve the quality of material of our web page and the value of our writers.

NOTE: If the ‘Domain Authority‘of your website is more than 75, you can ask for a ‘Do-Follow’ link.

We love useful content that can help our guest readers. Also, please make sure your content is relevant to our website. Otherwise, we cannot able to accept the content. To know more about content subjects, groups and search phrases please evaluation our Records and Sitemap web page. Please check our website’s past content to comprehend about our website more. This will help you to create an appropriate content that we can easily accept. Please follow the following recommendations for submitting article:

Article Submission Guidelines:

Using of the following recommendations are very essential for getting your content accepted easily. Please read all conditions thoroughly before posting your content.

  1. “Article” should be new and 100% Exclusive. It should successfully pass the CopyScape analysis.
  2. 02. “Article Title” should NOT more time than 70 characters (including areas & unique characters).
  3. “Article Body” should be around 700 words. We are only accepting material with 700+ words.
  4. “Article Content” should be appropriate to our web page material. Any non-relevant material will be refused.
  5. “Article Body” may contain one or more appropriate exterior web blink within it. But we cannot assurance you that we will post those hyperlinks. Our other staff will evaluate the hyperlinks and if they discover appropriate then they will post those hyperlinks. Otherwise, they can eliminate those hyperlinks from the material. In addition, they can add any appropriate hyperlinks of their own if required.
  6. You are eligible to recommend up to 5 Search phrases for the material.
  7. Using “Images” (article related) in one’s whole muscle building is strongly suggested. But please create sure the size of any picture should NOT surpass 660 pixels. Pictures should be in “*.JPEG“, “*.JPG“, “*.PNG” or “*.GIF” structure. No cartoon images please.
  8. Along with the material please do not ignore to deliver us the “Author Information” like “Author Name“, “Short Writer Bio” and “Author’s Website URL“. You can also deliver hyperlinks of your Facebook or myspace, Tweets, Google+ & LinkedIn information. The recommendations are published below.
  9. “Author Name” should NOT surpass 25 figures (including spaces).
  10. “Short Writer Bio” should NOT surpass 50 terms.
  11. “Author’s Website URL” – This is a No-Follow link. This link will show along with the writer bio. Please create sure this link is NOT appropriate to any mature or unlawful web page. If the ‘Domain Authority’ of your web page is 75 or greater, then you can demand for a Do-Follow link.
  12. Except the “Author’s Website URL“, you can also deliver hyperlinks of your Facebook or myspace, Tweets, Google+ & LinkedIn information.
  13. You can deliver the article(s) in “*.DOC“, “*.DOCX“, “*.TXT” or “*.RTF” form.
  14. Once your material is accepted and released in our web page, you CAN NOT able to Re-Publish the same material in any other weblog or web page. If we disapprove your material and not post it in our web page, then you can post it in any other weblog or web page.

Submit Your Article:

Once your content is prepared as per our above-described recommendations, please deliver the content to our site. Please make sure your e-mail should contain “Article Title”, “Article Body”, “Images for the Article”, “Keyword Suggestion”, “Writer Name”, “and Short Writer Bio”, “Author’s Web page URL” & “Link of your Facebook or myspace, Tweets, Google+ & LinkedIn profile”.

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