Six Amazing Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

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traffic to your website

Getting healthy traffic in a quick and efficient way is the need of the hour today for a new business to gain a strong foothold in their industry. Though SEO and content marketing are two effective methodologies being often used, you cannot expect quick results from them. They work perfectly if you have the time and patience but relying on these strategies alone for a new website will not yield the desired results. If your business is new, you should look at faster ways to get the best returns on your investment.

The strategies you must adopt:

Get people to guest post:

Guest posts are a great way to connect with a new type of audiences. Posts by well-known bloggers will get new traffic to the website. There are other benefits as well. You save time on creating fresh, unique content. Most bloggers share their content across social media which will get more visitors to your site and healthier exposure to your brand.

Be more active on social media:

Build up a strong relationship with your potential user base. You can engage your followers in conversation which will get reactions from their contacts. Like and share their posts, content and sooner or later, they will respond. This will automatically create a wider audience and enhance your brand visibility.

Optimize your contacts with influencers:

Influencers can be a very great way to get a wider audience. Browse through the social media or do a search on the web to get the best influencers in your niche. Construct a two-way connection. Share their work, ask questions and create an atmosphere that you are interested in their work. They will reciprocate and will react to your content. Don’t try to take benefit of their response or waste their time. If you do it in a perfect manner you will gain more viewers which again you must develop into a fruitful relationship.

Run promotions and contests:

This will require some investment from you. The offers should be something that the consumers will appreciate and hold some value for them like gift cards, discount coupons etc.  Create a contest in the social media with something asking to caption an image or write a tagline or sharing a content. One catch here, not every visitor will be a potential. There will be many wanderers yet, contests can be a wonderful way to produce interest to your site among the social users.


Paid-ads is good for instant publicity but is not useful if you are looking for long-term benefits. The ads will become obscure over time and once you withdraw the benefits will stop. Your gain is only from the initial traffic that the ads would have generated.  There are several platforms that you could consider for your paid ad campaigns like Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and many similar social media platforms.

CSS gallery:

You must submit to popular CSS galleries and once accepted, you can expect an impressive boost in the traffic which you must capitalize on. Your site must be HTML5 and CSS optimized to get accepted easily. Do not submit into too many galleries at one time when your site goes live. It may have a negative impact and push you down on the Search Engine Results Page.


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