What is CSSarena?

CSSarena is more than just CSS design gallery. Our aim is to foster constructive design criticism and create a motivating and inspiring gallery platform. Since our inception, we have been recognizing and acknowledging the talents and creativity of all who have constructed exceptionally beautiful websites by employing the best web standards and upright usability practices. By distinguishing these exceptionally attractive designs, we hope to encourage and inculcate the inspirational spirit among the other designers to find the right direction for building their own sites.

CSSarena always endeavors to bring motivation to web designers across the net, from providing quality content in the form of informative articles, interviews, and discussion.

Can I submit my own site?

Yes, of course, in fact, we encourage you not only to submit your own site but as well submit any site that you find worthy of being listed here. You must fill in the submission form and fill up the required information to enable us to approve the designs. Put in a little effort to make sure the site meets our guidelines.

What are your submission guidelines?

The guidelines are in general and not meant for any specific purpose. It is important that you follow them to the maximum as it increases the scope of being acknowledged.

The guidelines are as follows:

The site must maintain all the norms and meet the web standard guidelines. Any site that does not adhere to the rules will not be considered.

The site should use web standards to the best of its ability. This means no extra use of codes, proper markups. Validation is not a must though we do a test to see if it will validate and it will be to your advantage if it does.

The site should be striking. We look to recognize those who do it right, and with the proper aptitude.

Make sure the main page of your site is not a splash page as by rule generally, we do not accept them.

Similarly, if your site uses audio without any purpose for the sake of background music (and you are not a musical artist) typically we will not move further and will close the browser on your site.

If your site is designed specifically as a linkbait or linkfarm and serves no other purpose we will not review it.

We reserve the right not feature any site as we choose. It is our sole discretion.  We also reserve the right to give any reasons for our decision and why we choose not to feature your website.

What guidelines we expect you to follow for commenting:

You must adhere to the rules we prescribe to posting comments. These rules are not to restrict you, but rather to make sure it is not with the intention to offend somebody and to avoid altercations.  So, when commenting please keep in mind:

Your comment should be relevant to the topic. Any discussion not pertaining to the subject matter will not be entertained and be deleted.

Put your thoughts in a polite way. You can give your opinions and are welcome to  provide negative feedback to a topic. However, do not use abusive language and try not to sound rude.

Be as specific as possible. Give some valid reasons or suggestions for your thoughts. This will help the designers and others reading your comments to improve their work.

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